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Massage Wands: A Guide for Beginners!

Massage Wand sex toys -  A guide for beginners

Women should not be afraid to explore the abundant amount of ways there is to stimulate themselves. You should know your body and what sets it alight.

massage wand is a clitoral stimulant, used externally for astounding orgasms. They have a long shaft that features your power buttons and intensity levels. The round head at the top is where the magic happens. This part of the wand vibrates, thrusts or turns and that’s the part that will bring you the most amount of pleasure.

Simply put on a little bit of water-based lube on the head of the toy and on your vagina (It’s always good to have a slippery surface when using a massage wand, this will prevent friction and make the entire experience more enjoyable).

Click the on button and start off slowly. Place the head of the wand on your clitoris and apply pressure as you need. As you get used to your wand, start experimenting. Speed things up or slow them down. Move the wand up or down. The possibilities are endless and the moment you get comfortable you’ll be able to take more risks and play around with your pleasure.

Not only can you use a massage wand on yourself during solo play, you can also use it on your partner as a massager during foreplay. Move it up and down their back and neck. Give your partner the wand and let them use to stimulate you. 

small massage wand guide

First time users often use a massage wand through their clothes or by placing material between their skin and the wand to lessen the power of the wand. Making it easier to see how their body will react to the sensations.

Massage wands are also a discreet way to buy a toy for stimulation as it does not have the penis shape and can be used as a normal muscle massager. Feel elegant and sexy with a massage wand. There are many different styles and shapes. Some wands are rechargeable making it easy to grab your toy and play. Some massage wands are waterproof enabling you to take the fun to the bath or shower. There are small wands and large wands, something for everyone!

Pick your style, size and preferences and you’ll be close to having the perfect massager for every occasion! Be it a stiff muscle from picking up a heavy box or a tiny itch in your private parts that your fingers just can’t scratch.

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