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Why Use Sex Toys in The Bedroom?

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​We all know that I, myself, along with a few other naughty Nancy’s and most men out there, are advocates for playful experimentation with sex toys in the bedroom. But not everybody is so open to even using a vibrator by themselves let alone to bringing couple’s sex toys into the equation with their partner.

I know that at first it could seem as if it could be uncomfortable and nerve wrecking to introduce sex toys into the bedroom, but having a partner in life and/or in sex means you should be already, or at least wanting to get maximum satisfaction and fun out of the whole shindig! And what better way than some sexual toy play?

Some woman may be reading this blushing or shaking their heads in disapproval, all I can say is stop being such prudes! This kind of sexual riskiness will only bring on better days and a better sex life for you and your partner.

If you need a tad bit more convincing, here are a few reasons as to why you should be getting playful in the sack, and how it will benefit you –

No Pressure

As a woman it’s often difficult to orgasm, and sometimes that can leave you feeling pressurized to complete the task for satisfaction or to not disappoint your partner. As men the pressure of making your partner climax is very real.

Although clitoral stimulation can be executed with fingers or a tongue, depending on multi-tasking skill and position, this isn’t always obtainable. When using a vibrator for instance, you’re taking the pressure off of you and your partner and opening doors to mutual climax, which – let’s be honest – is the best kind of climax there is.

Multiple Orgasms Anyone?

Once the pressure has taken a back seat, the door is not only open to easier to reach orgasms, but more intense, multiple orgasms too. It is scientifically proven that vibrators along with other couple’s sex toys enhance sexual satisfaction. And who are we to argue with science, right? With the combination of toys + your partner, you’re setting yourself up for a toe curling, lip biting, intense sexual experience.

It Creates a Stronger Bond Between You and Your Partner

Who ever said that sex is NOT one of the most important things in a relationship, lied to you. Sex is so important and contributes to your relationships progression and emotional health. Exploring and experimenting with new realms of your sexual relationship doesn’t just increase climax, it unlocks comfort and trust like you’ll feel with no other….because trust me, to let someone blind-fold you and tie you to something, or remote control your vibrator from across the room in a public place, you have to seriously trust them.

Decisions, Decisions

 Bringing sex toys into the bedroom can be a lot of fun because there is such a variety to choose from. Whether you’re up for butt plugs because you’re wanting to try some anal play, dildos (which are amazing for woman giving or receiving oral sex), whips, blind-folds, ball gags or nipple clamps for couples looking to level up their BDSM game or even looking for a fun sexy sex board game, the possibilities are endless. Plus picking, choosing and playing is a lot of fun to do together.

New Perspectives

Because of all the exploration going on, sex toys can encourage you to try new positions. This means you rarely get bored because you don’t get stuck in a sexual rut of routine.

Curiosity Wont Kill Your Kitty, It Will Excite it!

Most woman, even if they are a bit skittish about using sex toys with a partner, are more than likely to own at least one solo sex toy. I’m sure your while you were busy taking care of yourself, your mind has wandered off and wondered about how it would feel if your partner was there too. The answer is great! So go ahead and give it a try, there is something awfully exhilarating about indulging your curiosity.

Couple’s sex toys are an amazing outlet for sexual frustration & sexual creativity. They are one of the healthiest thing you can implement to spice up your sex life and bond with your partner. So why object to something that has so many benefits and can only make for interesting, fun, memorable sex?

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