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Tips for Having Sex in Public Places


Whether you’re a risky veteran looking to learn a few new tricks to store up your sleeve or a public sex newbie looking for helpful tips to get you started, this article will help you perfect your public sex-game. Below are some of the best tips for having sex in public places.

Location, Location, Location

The heading says it all. Choosing the right location is one of the most important steps in your sneaky sexy escapades.

Top 3 most popular places for public sex:

  • The Movie Theater – People around you are focused on the film instead of what’s going on around them, this provides the perfect distraction. The fact That it is dim and dark is only an added bonus. Bring a blanket with for extra concealment during your movie fun.
  • Public Bathrooms – Whether it is in a shopping mall or a pub, public bathrooms have never failed in assisting us with the perfect place for some adult fun wherever you are. What’s nice about this one is that most places have that “family bathroom” with one toilet that’s perfect for privacy. This is the top tier of bathroom bangs.
  • Hiking Trails – The woods are one of the easiest places to get frisky in as the lush terrain creates perfect little hiding places and your surroundings force you to start getting creative with your positions (which, if you ask me, can only benefit you) .

Timing is Everything

When you’re out and the sex hunger strikes, you may feel the very normal urge to ravish your partner right then and there. Unfortunately sloppy timing is one of the main reasons you could get caught.

When scoping out the perfect timing remember

  • It is essential that the people around you are distracted enough to not notice you two sneaking off.
  • Make sure that wherever you choose to play out your dirty deeds is fairly uninhabited and traffic in or out is low.

The later in the day the better. When the sun goes away, our sex creatures come out to play. The darkness makes it easier to hide from the public eye, ensuring maximum security.

It’s a No on Noise

Yes, I know this might disappoint those who are aroused by the sound of their lover moaning in pleasure with each and every stroke of pure euphoria. Unfortunately having sex in public places prohibits this. Be sure to stay as quiet as you can to keep the risk of getting caught to a minimum. Having to keep those moans of pleasure in may actually arouse you more than you think.

Now that you’ve got the just of it, feel free to go out with a bang! Literally. But remember my sexual deviants – Don’t get caught!

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