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Things She wishes He Knew About Sex- And The Best Toys To Use

things she wished you knew about sex

Things she wishes he knew about Sex and Foreplay… and the best sex toys to use

Yes, every woman is different and different things turn each of us on but we really aren’t as complicated as everyone likes to believe! So to try and help you guys out – here are some of the things woman wish you knew about sex and the sex toys we recommend you use to achieve spectacular, breath-taking results.

1. It’s in the touch- tease and tantalise

Light, playful and suggestive touching is guaranteed to push the right buttons. Use your hands to gently explore her body and breathe down her neck. Give her a taste of what is to come and pull back and watch her rub up against you and begin to purr.

Women like to be teased.

Toy: Blindfolds and feather ticklers are your best friend!

Trail the soft, gentle feathers of your tickler over your partner’s skin with luxurious feather ticklers to tantalise and tease them to the point of no return.

2. Erotic Massage

Massages have been used to achieve and enhance sexual arousal for hundreds of years. Massages overwhelm the senses as you glide and graze your hands and fingers over her body. These overwhelming sensations keep the brain and skin active and awake, while relaxing and arousing her at the same time.

ToyA massager and some massage oils. Adding in some kinky massage candles won’t hurt.

The massagers are perfect for deeply satisfying all-over body massages, bringing soothing spa-level relaxation straight into the home. These massagers can be used outside and inside the body where their good vibrations are guaranteed to bring ultimate relaxation. Setting the mood and caressing your partner with some sensual body oils is a great way to start of foreplay.

3. Be more aggressive

From being tied up and spanked to having her hair pulled gently and being mildly asphyxiated – women can be rather enthusiastic about aggressive sex. The best- selling Fifty Shades of Grey is all the proof you need! Show her you want her, and that you want her now! The determination and enthusiasm for them is guaranteed to drive them wild.

Toy: Basically anything you can tie her up with.. Bondage gear might seem scary, but it’s a huge turn on! Start with Soft Cuffs or a satin tie and progress to bondage restraints and perhaps some rope.

Smooth enough for teasing but firm enough for a good crackin’, get a grip of these whips, crops and paddles and decide who’ll be clenching the handle and who’ll be clenching their teeth.

4. Focus on her entirely

Many women want their men to focus on her entirely. They want every inch of their bodies to be kissed, licked and nibbled from the neck to their toes. Being sensual and savouring her body is guaranteed to get her wild.

Toy: Try edible massage oils, flavoured condoms, edibile underwear, and some yummy nip gloss to enhance the flavours and sensations.

Set the mood and ambiance for love and passion with these products. 

5. Don’t forget the clitoris

This is a mistake too often made by men. In case you didn’t know, it’s that little feel-good button between a woman’s legs. The ting organ has over 8000 nerve endings (your entire penis has only about 4000) making it the most sensitive part of the women’s erogenous zone.

So guys please, don’t forget the clitoris!

ToysClitoral Vibes or bullet vibes are small and powerful and perfect for massaging and stimulating the clitoris and nipples too.

Hit the right spot every time with these OH SO Good vibrations.

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