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How To: Bring Your 50 Shades of Grey Fantasy to Life.


So we all know the hype around the famous book/movie series 50 Shades of Grey. After the first movie was released it had men and woman alike, wriggling in their chairs with excitement. If you’re like me you probably left the theater wet and ready to indulge in every single one of the guilty pleasures depicted in the film.

Now I know a lot of people see 50 Shades of Grey as a brand that supports violence and cruelty to woman. And that’s okay, each to their own as I always say. But if you are a part of the other 50% of the population who see it as a revolutionary door opener to unbelievably pleasurable sexual encounters, here’s a few tips to give your fantasy the kick start it needs.

Decide Who is or Wants to Be the Submissive and the Dominating one.

These roles both come with their own challenges. Playing the submissive role, you have to completely be comfortable with relinquishing ALL control and be able and willing to endure some pain. Taking on the role of the dominant sexual partner means you actually take on a lot of responsibility. You might think it’s all fun and games but might be shocked to learn how much inflicting pain on your partner can affect you. So have a discussion beforehand and make sure you’re both clear and comfortable with your roles.

Set Some Ground Rules.

In the movie Christian Grey even draws up a contract stating what is allowed and what is not. You don’t have to go to this extreme but it is definitely a good idea to communicate as to what you are and aren’t okay with.

Rather Safe than Sorry.

Probably one of the more obvious rules is to have a safe word. This way you can ensure the pain is always pleasurable instead of excruciating.

Just because it’s Rough Doesn’t Mean it has to be Rushed.

Foreplay is still a very important part of this experience, as it is in every sexual antic. Her vagina might be spread out in front of you for the taking with no objections, but remember just as much as pain is crucial to this experience so is pleasure, and girls often need a little more to get them going than guys.

This One’s for our Men.

Never, ever under estimate the sexual attraction woman have to confidence. Woman might like a little vulnerability in our everyday life here and there but being insecure in the bedroom is 100% a turn off! We as woman have to deal with our own insecurities in everyday life and in the bedroom so adding a man’s insecurities to the equation is a recipe for a big mood killer.

Moaning is What Woman do Best, Why Stop Now?

Be vocal. Express the pain and pleasure. No man likes a dead fish in the bedroom and if you’re open enough to try BDSM I’m sure you can manage a little noise to show your man you enjoy what he is doing. A lot of men love the sound of their woman moaning in pleasure as opposed to moaning about them not doing the dishes. And this way he gets a good idea of what to keep doing or what to stop doing.

Whips, Chains & Games.

Obviously with your 50 Shades of Grey Fantasy there should be a fair about of toys in the line-up. The more toys you use the better! Luckily there is such a wide variety of sex toys out there now you can pick and choose your favourite and here at Adult Shop SA we even have a whole range of 50 Shade of Grey themed sex toys to bring your fantasy to life!

Now that you have a grasp on where to start, go forth and start experimenting with the wild and wonderful world of BDSM that the Fifty Shades of Grey Saga has opened up for all of us.

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