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How do I make my Erection BIGGER?

how to get bigger erections

 Here are the top 4 methods and information we would recommend for temporary and permanent bigger erections.

1. The miracle worker – Cock Rings

So, the idea behind using a cock ring, whether it be a simple one or one with added features is that it sits at the base of your penis (you can also get cock rings that will sit around your shaft, and testicles) and restrict the blow flow from leaving your shaft. This in turn will give you a longer lasting, harder erection; which can lead to making your penis larger.

2. Penis Pumps.

By drawing more blood into your penis, you will enhance it for longer lasting, harder and bigger erections.

You will insert your penis into the cylinder of the penis pump, the base will create a nice seal. You will then start to pump slowly. Pumping will remove any air in the cylinder, which will leave room for your penis to grow. The pumping will bring more blood into your penis, which will make it as hard as it can possibly be.

Now, pumping before sex will help increase your size, harness and sensitivity for that specific session; but regularly using a penis pump can lead to long time penis enhancement. However, it is like going to the gym, if you stop your penis will return to it natural size.

*Read more about which pump to choose by clicking here. (

3. Creams and Pills.

We have creams available that you will need to massage into your penis 30 minutes before sex. This will ensure a larger, harder lasting erection.

We also have herbal pills available, which will assist you before your session. For more information Pills, go to our Male Enhancers and check out the products we have to offer.

4. Penis Extending Sleeves.

A penis extension is literally a penis extender that you wear over your penis. An extender will give you an extra few inches in the front, and sometimes are a little thicker. This is the perfect way to ensure penis growth, it can also de-crease penis sensitivity – so perfect for men who want to last a little longer. 

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