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Welcome to our Help Centre

Here you can find all the information you may need to purchase your sex toys from Adult Shop SA. If you need further assistance feel free to Contact Us

Payment Options

With a variety of different payment options we are able to give you a choice of which payment option you prefer and what is easiest.  

We use: Credit Card, Instant EFT, Bank Transfer OR Cash Deposit.

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Q: Do I have to pay with my credit card? 
A: No, we do offer other payments options if you do not feel comfortable with paying by credit card. 

Q: What payment options are available to me? 
A: We do it all! You can either pay us via EFT, Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cash Deposit! 

Q: How safe is my credit card information on this online site? 
A: Extremely Safe! We have a secure online server that protects all your personal and credit card information. 

Q: Will I get notification that my payment has been received? 
A: Yes, once payment has been received you will receive notification from us.