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PULSE 3 | Duo

Hot Octopuss
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Immerse yourself in pleasure with the Hot Octopus Duo III. The PULSE Duo was designed for couples play. The PULSE 3 is a multi-award winning male stimulator which uses oscillations to stimulate men.  Research has shown that by applying oscillations in a specific way can cause men to ejaculate involuntarily. You can use the pulse with or without lubricant. When used with lube is becomes an amazing next-generation masturbator. Used without lubricant is creates a static stimulation. 

Use the Pulse 3 Duo during foreplay and the main event. It is worn by him. While the man has control over his oscillations using the handy buttons on the device, the woman has control over the vibration she receives from the base of the toy using the handy wireless remote. Whether in missionary or cowboy, the Pulse 3 Duo offers unique personalized pleasure. 

It can be used on a flaccid or erect penis and is great for men with erectile dysfunction. 


Product Specifications

Material: Soft Matt Silicone

Rechargeable: Yes

Waterproof: Yes

Functions: 6 vibration patterns to choose from 

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