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Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan

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This Fleshjack sensation is Pure Bliss! The Brent Corrigan Fleshlight is one of the best selling FleshJack boys. This masturbators canal is heavy textured and consists of two chambers covered by a cross- rib & bumps textures. Thrusting into the sleeve will start with sensation of tightness which is then replaced with an intense massage sensation. The bumps swirl around the penis head and shaft creating an orgasmic massaging feeling. The tight anus of Brent Corrigan's butt orifice wraps tightly around the base of your penis shaft giving you an overall incredible sensation. Brent Corrigan started in the industry in 2004 and few gay pornstars have made the impact on the gay porn scene that he has. Corrigan has been a fixture in the gay community for several years and has grown both professionally and physically as his body has transformed from skinny to a muscular man inn his 30's. We recommend using this mens sex toy with a water-based lubricant and cleaning it thoroughly after use.
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13 August 2018
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14 March 2018
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25 January 2018
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