Payment Options

With a variety of different payment options we are able to give you a choice of which payment option you prefer and what is easiest.  

We use: Credit Card, Instant EFT, Bank Transfer OR Cash Deposit.


Q: Do I have to pay with my credit card? 
A: No, we do offer other payments options if you do not feel comfortable with paying by credit card. 

Q: What payment options are available to me? 
A: We do it all! You can either pay us via EFT, Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cash Deposit! 

Q: How safe is my credit card information on this online site? 
A: Extremely Safe! We have a secure online server that protects all your personal and credit card information. 

Q: Will I get notification that my payment has been received? 
A: Yes, once payment has been received you will receive notification from us. 

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