Discreet Packaging

To ensure your privacy we ensure that your package is 100% discreet. With no branding label, and no way of feeling that package up to know what is inside, your secret is safe with us. 

Q: Will there be anything on the package to show that it comes from a sex toy shop or contains a sex toy? 
A: Not at all! The package will be all wrapped up, in un-marked paper without any branding on it what so ever. Completely private, just for you! 

Q: Will anybody be able to guess what is in the package due to the shape of it or it being see-through? 
A: There is no way to know what is in the package unless it is opened. It is not see through and no shape will give your little secret away. 

Q: Who will know about my purchase? 
A: Only the people, who conduct the business, know about purchases, as well as possible third parties who assist us in operating the websites. However, all parties keep all client information, strictly confidential. 

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