Malesation Anal Pleasure | Prostate Massager The Malesation Anal Pleasure Prostate Massager, has an ergonomic design that stimulates the prostate.. Product #: 670000031582 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $1,739.00 $1,739.00 2 - 3 Days

Anal Pleasure | Prostate Massager

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Price: R1739.00

The Malesation Anal Pleasure Prostate Massager, has an ergonomic design that stimulates the prostate and perineum. Choose between 11 functions to ensure you are fully satisfied. This plug has 2 motors, so you can choose to enjoy one at a time or both together. This Prostate Massager is controlled by the handy remote, which has a maximum range of 5 meters. 

The switch-off of a motor is only possible by using the remote control, you can also easily control the 11 functions this anal toy has to offer with the remote. Recharge this Male Sex Toy with the handy USB cable, you can also enjoy all the sensations it has to offer in the shower of tub - it is 100% waterproof. This Malesation Butt Toy has a charging time of 3-4 hours and a play time of 150 minutes, it also comes with a velvet storage bag. 

Use a water-based lubricant with this sex toy, so you can enjoy the sensations it has to offer for years to come. 

Product Specifications

  • Prostate Massager
  • Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 2-3 Hours Charging Time
  • 150 minutes Play Time
  • 2.80 cm - 3.20 cm 
  • 11 Functions
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