Fun Factory Share XS Dark Blue Dildo Review

​ This amazing little gadget is one of my favourites. This Fun Factory Dildo is made for both partners and is a couple's dildo that is great for beginners. The larger end goes into the female's vagina and the raised part gives a better grip. The smaller end stimulates the male G-spot. Its shape leaves room for experimentation which is always fun. This toy is great because it indulges both the active and passive partner, the scoop base allows a be...
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Ecstasy Vibrating Cock Ring Review:

​ Our Ecstasy Vibrating Cock Ring is not only the most popular cock ring in our range but is one of the bestselling products on our whole site. And for good reason. The Vibrator on the top is specifically designed to give precision stimulation to the girl's clitoris as your penis penetrates her and the hanging ball on the cock ring stimulates your testicles. All in all giving the man an amazing sensation and making him stray harder for longer whi...
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How To: Bring Your 50 Shades of Grey Fantasy to Life.

​ So we all know the hype around the famous book/movie series 50 Shades of Grey. After the first movie released it had men and woman the same, wriggling in their chairs with excitement. If you're like me you probably left the theater wet and ready to indulge in every single one of the guilty pleasures depicted in the film. Now I know a lot of people see 50 Shades of Grey as a brand that supports violence and cruelty to woman. And that's...
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Is Anal Sex for You?

I have to clarify that anal sex is NOT just for "sluts". In fact anal sex has been voted the most taboo sexual behavior that heterosexual couples want to try. But that in itself proves that a lot of us actually want to try it, and we can't all be sluts! Now a lot of woman think/feel that if they go through with the urge to be a little "dirtier" than usual, their men will lose respect for them. And while I'm sure this is true on occasion but with ...
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How To: Have the Best Lesbian Sex You Can

​We like girls who like girls! And if you happen to be one of these outstanding woman you'll know a thing or two about the wonders of girl-on-girl sexcapades yourself, but it is always good to fresh your skill set. And if you happen to be a first timer, fear not as this article is going to take your lesbian sexual antics to an all new level. 1. Remember dear, all vaginas are different – and with this said, different vaginas like different things....
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Tips for Having Sex in Public Places

​ Whether you're a risky veteran looking to learn a few new tricks to store up your sleeve or a public sex newbie looking for helpful tips to get you started, this article will help you perfect your public sex-game. 1. Location, Location, Location:- The heading says it all. Choosing the right location is one of the most important steps in your sneaky sexy escapades. Top 3 most popular places for public sex: The Movie Theater – People around you a...
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Boost Your Libido

Lets be honest, with the hustle and bustle of our generations everyday life, sex becomes a second hand priority. now add the stress we go through as individuals and you have a combination that could be leaving you feeling a little less frisky than usual. Studies show that a third of woman and 15% of men lack the desire to have sex on a regular basis.This in itself is a sad fact as sex plays an important role in our emotional and physical well-bei...
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Naked Date Night Ideas

Our super Fun Naked Date Night Ideas have been designed to bring a spark back into your Sex Life!  ​4. Treat Her to a Massage It's time to treat your lady to a sensual massage, Adult Shop SA has everything you will need from massage oils to massage candles. We recommend using wrist ties and blind folds to make this massage extra special and a lot more sensual. Removing one sense (such as sight) heightens the other senses.Tease her ...
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