How To: Have Sex in Your Car - like a Pro.

​ Before getting frisky in probably one of the most easily executed, sexy ways to have adventurous sex, remember that safe sex includes not crashing into other cars or getting charged with public indecency. So here's a few rules to remember when it comes to sex in your car – 1.Park the car and turn it off – I shouldn't need to tell you this… but if you didn't know, now you know. 2.Find a semi-secluded area that is kid-free (along the beach front,...
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50 Shades of Grey Vibrating Bullet – Sex Toy Review

This amazing little gadget is really beautiful,simple, petite and perfect for beginners. Its super-strong vibrations, smoothfeel and skin-safe plastic promises ultimate pleasure whether you’re flyingsolo or adventuring off into a sexual wonderland with your partner. What’sreally cool about this toy is that it’s waterproof, enabling aquatic-play andmaking sex toy hygiene an easy thingand it comes with a branded Fifty Shadesof Grey storage bag, for...
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Why is Sex so Different for Men and Woman?

So, I may not exactly agree that sex is THAT different for menthan it is for some woman but I do know that 1. Not all woman view sex the sameway men do and 2. This is a frequently asked question in today’s society.Before we get started I think that it is my duty to inform you that for womanto view sex the same way men do isn’t uncommon and this opinion should NEVERwarrant men to judge the woman who do feel this way. The saying that goessomething ...
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​ Squirting (which is basically female ejaculation) is probablyone of the more shared fetishes among men, and the most confusing physical anomaliesamong woman. Now I’m not saying all men fantasize about their woman squirtingduring sex, but there are certainly enough that do to educate yourself aboutit. So what is squirting exactly? Well in laymen terms – when a femaleorgasms, she ejaculates and this ejaculation literally shoots out of h...
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Doggy Style: Why You Should Be Taking Her From Behind –

​ A wise woman once proclaimed "When you love me right up front, you know that I don't mind but what I really want is for you to take me from behind." This position is one of, if not my most, favourite positions. And I am sure after this article it may just be yours too. Doggy style isn't just for our fury friends and let's be honest boys, you're a K9 at heart, and you're still a dog…. So why is this position this position pure fire and one of th...
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Why You Should Use Sex Toys in The Bedroom

​ We all know that I, myself, along with a few other naughty Nancy's and most men out there, are advocates for playful experimentation in the bedroom. But not everybody is so open to even using a vibrator by themselves let alone to bringing couple's sex toys into the equation with their partner. I know that at first it could seem as if it could be uncomfortable and nerve wrecking to introduce sex toys into the bedroom, but having a partner in lif...
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Lelo’s Luna Beads Kegel Exercise Kits

​ Lelo's Luna beads are the world's bestselling Kegel exercise toys . And here's why: This pelvic floor workout kit is the only interchangeable Kegel exercise ball set, the set comes with two 28g balls (petal pink) and two 37g balls (powder blue). Which not only allows not only allows you to customize your workout but the colour combination is beautiful. This Really handy set comes available for purchase in two sizes – Classic and Mini. Luna...
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Does Your Size Determine Her Satisfaction?

​ There is a long list of things said to contribute to how good or bad sex is such as attentiveness, actual sexual skill, confidence, comfort, the relationship between the partners and attitude towards sexual behaviour. Penis size is rarely mentioned and happens to ONLY be mentioned in studies specifically focusing on penis size. Not to mention, as I have many times before, most woman do not climax during penetration. They need and life for clito...
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