Male Enhancers - Votofel Force vs Alphamale

Male sex enhancement is not often openly talked about. Nor is the size of a mans main member. Like a few subjects out there on sexuality, size seems to be a taboo topic.  Well gents, it is not. It is all relative and necessary to maintain good sexual health, both psychologically and physically. Hence, keeping the bedroom fires burning. With the upswing on penis enlargement products on the market, we give you a few of our best sellers. B...
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Wat is 'n vibrator nou eintlik?

Vibrators ? Wat is die groot storie? Hoekom is meeste vrouens so bang om te erken hulle het 'n vibrator in hulle kas? Dis mos nie 'n skande nie. Dis dalk bietjie persoonlik, maar hoekom voel vrouens dis iets om voor skaam te kry? Dis geen geheim dat vrouens ook daarvan hou om lekker te kry. En jammer mans, maar julle weet nie altyd watter knoppies die REGTE knoppies is om te druk nie. So vibrators help ons om nie.. gefrustreerd te raak met j...
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Real Feel

The trend for sex dolls has risen – and let me say, they are more realistic than ever. Offering every pleasure from a vagina, anus and mouth, and for those who prefer, a rock-hard penis male sex dolls are also available. Some vibrate, and most are rechargeable. Sex dolls are made of high quality thermoplastic which is safe as well as environmentally friendly, with a stainless steel skeletal system, with a vagina, mouth and anus for sexual pleasur...
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Dr. Longs Chinese Brush - Review

Do you have trouble lasting in the bedroom? Do you feel like if you went just a little longer you would be able to please your partner? Well we have just the thing for you.  Dr. Long's Chinese brush is a desensitizer for men . Basically what this means is that it numbs the penis a bit to prolong the sexual experience. It gives you more endurance and a more powerful erection. So say goodbye to premature ejaculation. It is made of herbal ...
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Bigger is Better

Well it seems, size does matter to some men, we take a look at what is out there in penis pumps. From the top of the range, to the middle of the road pressure pump. We give you the lowdown. The Bathmate Hercules penis pump has been on the market for quite some time. The original in the Bathmate range, offers universal sizing. The Bathmate range uses water pressure to give even and deliberate pressure giving bigger and fuller erection every time.T...
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Hottie of the week - Game of Thrones Inspired

THE GREAT KAHL! Kahl Drogo is at the top of our list this week. Not only because of his obvious good looks, but because he bangs like a mother. Yeah yeah, we know Kahl is a fictional character and all that, but who cares. Most perfect men are. This good-looking savage stole our hearts and became the subject of most of our wildest, wettest fantasies. And most women like a broken boy. Someone who is big and mean, but when it comes to them they...
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Your Guide to Anal Sex

So, the fact that you opened this blog and started reading, means you've kind of made up your mind to try Anal Sex , you are just looking for obvious reasons why you shouldn't. Well. There aren't really any reasons NOT to try anal sex, unless you really do not want to. Then don't even try. Don't do it just to please your partner. Your happiness matters as well. But if you don't mind trying it out, then this guide is for you. Everything you need t...
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Girls Guide to giving Head...

The art of “giving head” dates as far back as Egypt and Pompei. revealing countless murals and inscriptions of pornographic graffiti explicit of sexual acts including the act of fellatio. Not much has changed. Every man wants to receive a blowjob. Truth is, he doesn’t really care if it is good or not! But giving head is a skill that only gets bette...
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