How to: Give a Blow Job Like a Boss

Have you ever been down there, dick halfway down your throat and it hits you? (Not the dick, a realization) All of the sudden you realize you have no clue what you are actually doing. You are just down there, licking and sucking away hoping he doesn't notice how utterly clueless you actually are? What if there was a way. Just a trick or two, to make sure he thinks you are the master when it comes to oral sex ? Well here are a few tricks to help y...
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G-Pop Unisex Vibrator - An in Depth Product Review

​ This is a toy that can do it all! A jack of all trades. It's an all-rounder! It is a man of all parts! If you don't know what you need well then this is it. A great toy for couples play or for solo adventures under your sheets! This waterproof vibrator is great for P-spot stimulation (prostate) in men. It is perfectly shaped to hit the spot and not only does P-Spot stimulation feel amazing, it can also help men stay hard for longer during sexua...
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Top 5 Sex Toys for Lesbian Lovers

​These sex toys for couples are a must have. They are perfect for lesbian lovers who want to expand the horizons of their pleasure. Sex toys for girls are a great way to introduce new adventures in the bedroom. Our top picks for you: ​Share Dildos Clitoral Vibrators Strap-On Dildos Muff Divers Wedge SHARE DILDOS ​ A share dildo is one of the best adult toys for lesbian couples . It can be used during solo play or while pleasing your partner. The ...
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Gift Vouchers - The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Gift!

​ A gift voucher , also known as a gift card or a gift certificate is a gift that enables you the sender, to choose a present that the receiver can use on any of the items (or selected items) at a specific store. There are many different types of gift vouchers available and here at Adult Shop SA we even give you the option to personalize your gift voucher to your own liking! If you are not certain of which product you need to buy, a voucher is fo...
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Massage Wands: A Guide for Beginners!

Women should not be afraid to explore the abundant amount of ways there is to stimulate themselves. You should know your body and what sets it alight. A massage wand is a clitoral stimulant , used externally for astounding orgasms . They have a long shaft that features your power buttons and intensity levels. The round head at the top is where the magic happens. This part of the wand vibrates, thrusts or turns and that's the part that will bring ...
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Sergio Vibrator: A Product Review by a Vibrator Fanatic!

The Swinging Sergio Realistic Black Vibrator is the perfect size for beginners and advanced users. 7" (17,78cm) of pure pleasure for all you stunning ladies. It is not very flexible, making it easy to insert to either the vagina or anus. This vibrator is soft to the touch and features two veiny balls for extra stimulation. This vibrator works with two AA batteries that can easily be inserted through the twist-on cap that also doubles as the speed...
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Top 5 Mistakes made in the bedroom by women, just like you!

Women often fall in to these habits without even noticing it and without realizing that it does more damage than good. If you find yourself nodding in agreement when reading these mistakes, know you are not alone and you can save yourself from total bedroom annihilation. 1. Oral sex should only be performed by men. Well, wait a second ladies. What you receive you should be able to give back. I know you shouldn't give something with the hope ...
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Love Month 2018

It is that time of the year again. Love Month has come and hit us all in the face once more. Old couples igniting even older flames, new couples exploring new adventures. Singles getting to know themselves a bit better. Chocolates being sold out and love letters being written. Did you know that more "at-home" pregnancy tests are sold in March than in any other month of the year? This is because we all just can't keep our hands off of each other d...
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