National Kiss and Make Up Day

  In light of this oh so important holiday. We would like to celebrate your mouth! Not only do you use it to eat, drink and speak… it's also one of the easiest ways to pleasure your partner. Be it with a peck on the lips or a breath-taking blowjob. Oral sex is made possible by one simple unappreciated organ. Let's spend today, celebrating our dirty mouths! Oral sex is a very effective method of foreplay and some teasing. It's also a good ide...
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How to: Choose a vibrator for beginners

Okay, so one might say that I have been a vibrator virgin till very recently. And what a daunting task it was to eventually decide on the right tool for the job. With all the endless possibilities, my brain got lost in the whole principal of it. And in reality, with a bit of research of course, it became as easy as doing my monthly grocery shopping. You just need to know what type of cereal you prefer. Unless you prefer going all in and buying th...
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Fifty Shades Darker Official Pleasure Collection

​With the release of the long awaited movie came a whole new Pleasure Collection of Adult Toys for the Super Grey fans that want to Play like Grey or just get lost in a moment of pure passion.  Yes, the Fifty Shades Darker Pleasure Collection will do just that and much more!!! Whether you are into soft,   light bondage or hard and kinky fuckery , this collection will make you scream with excitement! From stylish nipple&nb...
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National Women's Day!

Women's Day! Let us all take a moment to appreciate the women of our nation .. the Mothers , the Wives , the Sisters and the Daughters who fought tirelessly to be recognized as equals among the world of men. Now that we have this freedom to be equal in society, let us take this freedom to our bedrooms too.  Gone are the days of the missionary ...
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Men Shouldn't Feel Threatened

Men Shouldn’t Feel Threatened   In today’s world, we as men have been subliminally taught to believe that the use of sex toys by our women is a sign that we are inferior compared to the toy she is using and that the toy in fact gives her more pleasure than we can. This indeed is a myth that should be terminated as of now. Women, like us men, a...
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Sex toys and Marriage

Women do not leave men because of their sex toys . Either that or we have never heard of an incident regarding that matter. If a woman is going to leave you, I am sure it wont be for something that takes batteries. Women will sometimes want to explore their sexual horizons that will involve sex toys. Don’t feel threatened, why don’t you jump on in ...
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50 Shades Charlie Tango Vibrator

What about Charlie Tango would be so appealing to a potential buyer? Is it the sleek silver shaft that gives you a thrilling sense of misbehaviour and excitement? Or is it the multi-speed powerful vibrations it was designed to give? Either way, Charlie Tango is the ultimate adult sex toy for playing solo or even the perfect couples sex toy to use o...
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Welcome To Adult Shop South Africa

Walking into a Sex Shop can be daunting. The moment you make your way past the painted windows you are met with an array of products in every colour, shape and size and a cashier you just know is judging you…  Chances are, even if you are lucky enough to find the item you want among all the chaos, you’ll leave without buying it because the tho...
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Walking into a Sex Shop can be daunting. The moment you make your way past the painted windows you a...
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