Your Guide to Anal Sex


So, the fact that you opened this blog and started reading, means you've kind of made up your mind to try Anal Sex, you are just looking for obvious reasons why you shouldn't. Well. There aren't really any reasons NOT to try anal sex, unless you really do not want to. Then don't even try. Don't do it just to please your partner. Your happiness matters as well. But if you don't mind trying it out, then this guide is for you. Everything you need to know before diving in head first.

 1. Start with Anal Toys, something like a butt plug for beginners, some anal beads or even just a smaller than usual dildo. Stretch the muscle and see if you like the feeling. Something you might also want to do is use a butt plug before starting with anal sex, like a little anal foreplay just to let your pall know it's about to go down. You don't have to stick something big up there to relax the muscle. Be gentle little soldier, your bum is new territory and you don't want to scare it off before it's even been tested. 

2. Use a ton of lube! Like honestly, put it on your butt, on his penis and keep it close by just in case the lube dries up. I cannot stretch this enough. USE LUBE! Anal lube is the perfect way to go. It's thicker and does not dry up as easily. And if I have not said it yet, use lube!

3. Keep calm and take a dump. You really need to poop before starting with anal sex. You will feel like you are pooping yourself when starting anal sex. Don't make this a reality. Go to the bathroom before, earlier during the day. Make sure you are empty and that your lovers' penis won't be introduced to a few of your little friends in there okay? Keep it clean and clear.

4. Just like it's a good idea to pee after normal sex, it's a good idea to go to the bathroom once you are done with anal sex. Don't be afraid if your next poop simply glides out of your bum. This is the lube, you are not dying.

5. Rather make sure you know the person well when you decide to have anal sex. It helps if they know you and know the signals. A stranger, new flame or one night stand might not really take you in to consideration when making his way to the back door.

6. Maybe consider having a glass of wine, or 5 before starting with anal sex. This will help you relax and you won't be thinking so much about the pain. Alcohol makes you brave (well some people, it worked for me so I'm just saying) being a little tipsy might make you enjoy it right from the start. If not, hopefully your hangover will hurt more than your ass the next morning. 

​7. You need to take control. Make sure your partner knows this. Imagine you are driving the car, and he is sitting in the passenger seat shutting his mouth. You control the speed, how deep he goes in, how long he stays still before moving. You need to take charge. Anal sex should not be rushed. Take it slow and get used to it. A few positions that work well with anal sex is the obvious doggy style. I recommend doing this with someone you trust. Another good one is missionary, this enables your partner to see your facial expressions and know when to stop or go. And then probably the best on to me is you on top. Sit facing him and lower yourself. This way you have the most control. 

 8. Use a condom. This will a. Decrease your chances of getting an STD. b. Keeps your man clean of possible prison breakers. And c. Condoms are lubricated as well, so this helps with the initial entry. 

 9. Stimulate your clitoris. Either you can do this or your partner can. This increases you arousal making the experience much more pleasurable for you. 

  10. Clean up before going on with any sort of sexual interaction. Wash his penis and your bum. The quickest way to get vaginal infection is letting some of the previously mentioned prison breakers enter your vagina. So make sure you are clean and clear before continuing with your sexcapades! 

If you try anal sex a few times and you really don't like it. STOP. Chances are, it will only get tolerable but you will never fully enjoy it and that's okay. Anal isn't for everyone. Anal Sex is a kinky fetish and there is nothing wrong with giving it a go. You might really enjoy it and open an entire new world for you and your partner to explore.

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