Top 5 Mistakes made in the bedroom by women, just like you!


Women often fall in to these habits without even noticing it and without realizing that it does more damage than good. If you find yourself nodding in agreement when reading these mistakes, know you are not alone and you can save yourself from total bedroom annihilation.

1. Oral sex should only be performed by men.

Well, wait a second ladies. What you receive you should be able to give back. I know you shouldn't give something with the hope of getting something in return, but with oral sex… that is exactly what it is. If you enjoy oral sex, go down on him and show him how badly you want it. Men like getting head just as much as you like having the peach gobbled. If you are not completely sure how to give head, well we have got you covered with the Girls Guide to giving head!

2. Don't think too much!

Stop worrying so much. Nobody is going to look fantastic during sex. Your hair will get messed up, your tummy fat is going to gather in one place making it look 10 times worse than it should. Your cellulite is going to stand out more as your body gets pushed to the bed. Stop worrying. Focus solely on the pleasure, the fun and the sensations. Stop trying to create the perfect movie scene, sex is a real thing, done by real women just like you. No Photoshop, no editing. Be real and enjoy it. Overthinking will kill the mood!

3. Spice things up - Go Beyond the Bedroom.

Contrary to popular belief, it is okay to take sex outside the bedroom. Move beyond your comfort zone. Be risky when it comes to sex. Consider starting with the couch, still comfy yet different. Sex should be fun and believe it or not, having sex in the bed can make you get tired quicker! Your mind says bed = sleep. So who are you to argue? When you are in your bed, chances are you won't get in the mood or stay in the mood. Take your kinky play beyond the borders of what you are used to!

4. Men don't read minds ladies!

If he does something you don't like, tell him. If he does something you absolutely love, tell him! Let him know where you stand, how you feel and what you need. He won't know unless you tell him. Be open and communicate. Don't try to boost his ego by giving him fake compliments. If he does something wrong, let him know. But in the same breath, if he does something right, tell him! You don't want to scare him off permanently.


You'll fake it once to make him feel better about himself. Then you'll do it again because you are too tired. Then you'll do it just because. And then, he'll start believing he is the master of the bedroom and you'll have to keep up the show. Be honest right from the start, because once you start faking it, there's no nice way out of it. Either you keep faking and never actually receive any pleasure. OR you come out and tell the truth and you break his heart and his ego even more. Don't fake it ladies. Talk to your man.

So if you have fallen into the loop, like many of us have. STOP right now. Sex is supposed to be an enjoyable act for both partners. Don't act. Don't beg. Just enjoy. Speak your mind and you'll see wonders take place in your bedroom!

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