Okay, before getting to the nitty gritty. Firstly you need to know WHY someone would want to edge themselves.

The act of edging is used to help people control their orgasms. YES, control them. Edging yourself will help you prevent early ejaculation. OR in women, it can help them to reach orgasms faster! Who wouldn't want to try this? 

Okay so I know this doesn't make sense yet. But it is actually quite easy. Edging is the act of pleasuring yourself (or your partner) until you are about to have an orgasm, and then stopping. Not going past the point of no return. And then you go on with your day.

There are different ways and reasons to do this though. For women, edging could help them reach orgasm quicker during intercourse. It's simple, before sexual activity (in the bath or wherever) simply play with yourself until you feel like you are on the point of reaching climax, then stop. Do this multiple times before intercourse. Then once you do engage in sex, you will already be close to orgasm making it easier for you! And making your man think he is just that good!

For men, it can work in reverse. If a man practises edging over a long period of time, he will be able to prevent early ejaculation. It is a simple workout regime. Stopping just before you cum, will teach you to STOP just before you cum. So when you and your lady are banging each other's brains out and you notice that you might cum before she does, you will be able to delay yourself! Just like that. (It does take a bit of practise!) 

Try it out for size and see what works best for you. 

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Seks Mites

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Thursday, 24 January 2019
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