5 Things men wish women knew about sex

Things he wishes you knew about sex

5 things men wish their women knew about sex

1. They can be insecure too.

2. It's better for them if they can see we are enjoying ourselves.

3. They like dirty talk.

4. They need foreplay too.

5. Sometimes they need a bit of guidence. 


With so many articles and advice columns dedicated to helping men understand their ladies' bedroom needs, it's easy to forget that sometimes the boys have secret desires they may be too shy to share.


5 Tips from real men!

1. We Can Be Insecure Too
It's sometimes, unfairly maybe, assumed that men have no insecurities about sex. This isn't true. Guys are just as insecure about their bodies as women are, and nothing makes us feel better than when the lady in our life pays us a compliment.

2. It's Better For Us When You Enjoy It 
Another terrible stereotype perpetrated by scorned girlfriends and evil chick flicks, is that men are only in it for their own pleasure. This isn't the case. Yes, admittedly sometimes it's partly an ego-boost but we genuinely want to please you. And when can see and hear how good it is for you, it makes it better for us.

3. We Wish You Would Talk A Little Dirty Sometimes
It's a HUGE turn on to hear a woman talk about what she'd like to do to us and what she wants us to do to her. Tell us about your fantasies. Don't be shy around us, we love it! Be open. The more we know, the easier we'll be able to please you. 

4. We Need Foreplay Too
Yes, we know sometimes it's hard to believe. But us guys have many erogenous zones, just as you girls do. We like to be touched and kissed by you. Everywhere. It's very arousing to be teased just a little.

5. Sometimes We Need To Be Told What To Do
Not nagged at, just instructed. Put our hands where you want to be touched, show us how you want to be kissed. Remember, we can't feel what you can, so a little gentle guidance goes a long way.

It's fair to say that both men and women have their own desires and doubts around the topic of sex. There are plenty of fantastic, and even fun, ways to address these. Why not try a sexy little couples toy you both can enjoy? Or even try a stimulating Adult Game to get to know each other better?

Remember, whatever your pleasure, Adult Shop South Africa has something for you.

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Sunday, 16 June 2019
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