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How do I make my Erection BIGGER?

How do I make my Erection BIGGER?
  Here are the top 4 methods we would recommend for temporary and permanent penis extension. First up is the miracle worker – Cock Rings So, the idea behind using a cock ring, whether it be a simple one or one with added features is that it sits at the base of your penis (you can also get cock rings that will sit around your shaft, and testicles) and restrict the blow flow from leaving your shaft. This in turn will give you a longer lasting,...
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Shedding Light On Shibari - Bondage Play

Shedding Light On Shibari - Bondage Play

We take on the myth of bad bondage and turn it into kinky sex! Unveiling the BDSM connotation and reflecting on the erotic art of beautiful bondage.   Starting in the 13th century Japan, the beautiful art of roping, Shibari, simply means 'to tie' and describes the ancient art of Japanese artistic form of rope bondage. Shibari has evolved and revealed the vulnerability and euphoria of the dance between two a...
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Make sex more enjoyable for both of you!

Ladies, this is howyou can make sex more enjoyable for both of you! These simple tricks will blowhis mind and make him yours completely. Every girl likes when her man cravesher and wants only her. Stop thinking of sex as a job! You work roughly 8hours a day. Having sex should not be an extension of your working hours. Itshould be fun, something to look forward to. So you need to stop dreading sex.Be open to the possibilities that it has for you. ...
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How to: Give a Blow Job Like a Boss

Have you ever been down there, dick halfway down your throat and it hits you? (Not the dick, a realization) All of the sudden you realize you have no clue what you are actually doing. You are just down there, licking and sucking away hoping he doesn't notice how utterly clueless you actually are? What if there was a way. Just a trick or two, to make sure he thinks you are the master when it comes to oral sex ? Well here are a few tricks to help y...
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Top 5 Sex Toys for Lesbian Lovers


​These sex toys for couples are a must have. They are perfect for lesbian lovers who want to expand the horizons of their pleasure. Sex toys for girls are a great way to introduce new adventures in the bedroom. Our top picks for you: ​Share Dildos Clitoral Vibrators Strap-On Dildos Muff Divers Wedge SHARE DILDOS ​ A share dildo is one of the best adult toys for lesbian couples . It can be used during solo play or while pleasing your partner. The ...
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Gift Vouchers - The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Gift!


​ A gift voucher , also known as a gift card or a gift certificate is a gift that enables you the sender, to choose a present that the receiver can use on any of the items (or selected items) at a specific store. There are many different types of gift vouchers available and here at Adult Shop SA we even give you the option to personalize your gift voucher to your own liking! If you are not certain of which product you need to buy, a voucher is fo...
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Massage Wands: A Guide for Beginners!


Women should not be afraid to explore the abundant amount of ways there is to stimulate themselves. You should know your body and what sets it alight. A massage wand is a clitoral stimulant , used externally for astounding orgasms . They have a long shaft that features your power buttons and intensity levels. The round head at the top is where the magic happens. This part of the wand vibrates, thrusts or turns and that's the part that will bring ...
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Top 5 Mistakes made in the bedroom by women, just like you!

Women often fall in to these habits without even noticing it and without realizing that it does more damage than good. If you find yourself nodding in agreement when reading these mistakes, know you are not alone and you can save yourself from total bedroom annihilation. 1. Oral sex should only be performed by men. Well, wait a second ladies. What you receive you should be able to give back. I know you shouldn't give something with the hope ...
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