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"Only a man with a small penis will say penis size doesn't matter." Guess again boys. Size matters, and it matters a lot. Whether it's length or thickness, you need to have either one or both of these. If your girl can't feel you inside her, what's the point? Yeah yeah, love is blind and all that, but love is not stupid. If you expect your girl to stick by you, and ONLY you, you'll have to give her something to come back to. Something to crave and yearn after when she's not with you.

 So how will you know if your package is up to standard? It's easy. The average penis size, when limp is 8.8cm (3.5inches). When erect the average penis size measures 12.9cm(5.1 inches). So if you measure your penis, and you lack an inch or two on either of these. Then this post is for you my friend!

We here at Adult Shop SA strive to make you better lovers. So it's only fair we provide you with the necessary information to become a better, bigger you. 

"The best activities for your health are pumping and humping"

Some tips before pumping:

 -Take accurate measurements before starting this process.

-A bigger pump does not mean a bigger penis fellas. Choose a pump that fits your current friend. He'll feel lost and afraid if you stick him into a huge empty tunnel of loneliness.

-Make sure your pump has a pressure gauge. It's important to make sure you don't over pump you penis and cause damage.

-Consider where you will feel most comfortable using your pump. Some people prefer pumping in the bath, others prefer the bed. You'll have to decide between a water based and an air based pump.

-Consider purchasing a cock ring. Use it after pumping to keep all the blood in your penis which will aid in making your manhood grow. 

Air Pumps

Use with caution. It's important that you use an air pump with caution, pumping too hard or too long could cause temporary or permanent damage.

How does it work? When you pump, you pull the air out of the pump, sucking blood into your penis making it swell up. Doing this on a regular (but not too regular) basis can permanently enlarge your penis.

Water pumps

 Water based pumps are made to be used either in the bath or in the shower. This is a much more penis friendly method. Because the water does not compress your penis the same way the air does, it is able to spread the pressure evenly around your penis. These pumps also work best in warm water, as it relaxes your muscles and helps relax your penis.

"I see those penis pumps are working. You're a bigger dick today than you were yesterday"  

You might want to consider adding an enlargement pill when using a penis pump. This just ensures all your hard work does not go to waste. Visit our page for some additional enlargers.

So boys, get ready for a wild ride. With enough practice and repetition you are well on your way to "slaying babes with your meat sword!" 

Wat sê jou onderklere van jou?
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