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Why the Ice Willy Trays are a must-have at your Bachelorette or even you home...

The main secret to having the best party of your life is make sure that the mood is heated right from the beginning up until the end. The Willy Ice Tubes make this possible , serve them to your guests as soon as they come in, where they can either have them as frozen wine and have them melt in their mouths or just as plain ice cubes that can have with their glass of any adult beverage, as soon as they come through the door just to make sure that everyone is clear that things will "melt" and get "willy" today...and you are guaranteed that everyone will have a good time.

There are also great to have around the house and can be used to down a glass after a long day at work with your new husband.
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Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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