What is Maximum Sexual Stimulant - MSS?

Maximum Sexual Stimulant otherwise known as MSS, are sex tablets made from herbal active ingredients that provide an alternative solution to prescription sexual enhancement drugs.

These tablets are great in assisting with erectile dysfunction, and it is a romantic lifestyle enhancement product.

The female MSS tablets may help relieve menstrual cramps & lesson the effects of menopausal syndrome. 

How long before the MSS tablet start to work?

Take the MSS Tablet on an empty stomach with 2 glasses of water, you should then see the effects within 1 hour.

Can the Male MSS assist with making my Penis Longer?

No, the MSS tablet will not assist with the length of your penis. It may increase the width of your penis, as your blood flow is increased.

How long does MSS stay in your system?

The MSS tablet can last in your system for up to 3 days. If you have a fast metabolism rate, the MSS tablet may only last up to 8 hours.

Will the Male MSS give me an erection like Viagra?

No, MSS is a herbal tablet – meaning it is 10 times weaker than a synthetic like Viagra. You will need to be stimulated visually or physical to get an erection while taking Male MSS.

Can the Male MSS assist with premature ejaculation?

With the studies done on Male MSS there has been a 90.8% success rate, with assisting in premature ejaculation.

Can the Female MSS help me experience a female ejaculation?

A number of Female MSS users have indicated that once taking the tablet, they were able to "squirt"

Will Female MSS assist a mature woman with low libido?

With the studies done on the Female MSS there has been a 85.7% success rate in assisting women with low libido. 

Our information was sourced from the Manufacturers REBR Pharmaceutics

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