After much persuasion, I surrendered and watched Fifty Shades of Grey. and ventured into the luxurious and decadent world of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel.

This is indeed a women’s dream and notion of luxurious play. Well, if it is not, it really should be. The idea of being owned and offering total surrender to someone, on this level, certainly is a tantalising thought.

As Anastasia Steel discovered in her reticence to offer total submission, regardless of the documented proposition. She would be owned, with little room for choice. But she stepped in and tasted for herself. Being whisked off into an unknown world different from her nieve existence initially left her breathless and wanting to discover more, giving Mr. Gray a deeper desire to possess her.

The game play between two people is in entire language on its own. The way Anastasia bit her bottom lip, and the purity she exuded was an aphrodisiac for Mr. Grey. As was her control in the boardroom, crossing and uncrossing her legs, leaning in with her own sense of authority, and the way she chose to be owned, possessed and punished; tormented Christian… concluding the meeting of ownership, she got up and left. I can only imagine the fire in Mr. Grey's loins as she carried this out.

Fifty Shades did shed some light on the entire subject of submission and the master. The fact that it is quite beautiful and socially acceptable. However, the setting was idealistic and lavish. The little red car did seem a bit over the top. But, I wouldn’t mind being spanked on the bottom if my reward was a little red car. None the less, I did love the idea of it and reveled in the sheer pleasure of it all, letting my mind wander into an erotic zone of its own.

Masks made of satin take from the illusion the leather haunting full faced masks, whips and chains. But these are as real and as much as a turn on as the satin, lace and silk ropes. Leather straps, gags and the clink of metal all offer the same level of pleasure as the silk ropes. Perhaps silk is just a little more aesthetically pleasing.

I think the grapples that bind us, holding us captive and assume that this is a distasteful art set out only for dark and dangerous dungeons. This idea needs to be lost. If not lost, given room for choice. Safe words and lashings are out in the open. Regardless of how hard we try and avoid it, it is out there, sex shops offer every submissive and master a playroom of pleasure things. One just need leave inhibitions behind, log on and seek your pleasure.

It’s all a matter of personal choice.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2019
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