How can I make my female Masturbation sessions better?

​ Ladies, masturbation is your best friend! And here are 5 simple steps to make your Masturbation Sessions 500 times BETTER.

  1. ​Wetter is always BETTER!
    The first best thing you could do to make your masturbation sessions for enjoyable, is by using a lubricant. You can choose between Silicone or Water-based, but it is usually a good idea to invest in a water-based lube, so you can use it with your toys 😉 There is also a lovely range of Women Lubricant out there, that are fragrance free, paraben free, extra sensitive, and vegan. Just do a little shopping to find the best one for you. Using a lubricant will make your masturbation sessions 100 times better.

  2. Clitoral Stimulation
    By using an external stimulator like a Clitoral Vibe, you are awakening your senses and encouraging circulation along with making that area ultra-sensitive. We have Clitoral Vibrator available that offer pin-point vibrations, or clitoral stimulators that offer gentle pleasure waves. By using a Lubricant, and Clitoral Stimulator you will make your masturbation sessions 200 times better.

  3. Penetration! 

    Choose a nice, soft, flexible Dildo to help you stimulate your g-spot, A-spot and C-spot during your masturbation session.
    We have a lovely range or realistic, and non-realistic soft, flexible dildos available. You can even choose one with a suction cup – which can be stuck to any smooth surface for a hands-free experience 😉
    By using a Lubricant, Clitoral Stimulator, and Dildo you will make your masturbation sessions 300 times better. 

  4. Anal Play
    Now, don't freak out. Introducing Anal play into your sex life – whether it be with a partner or during your masturbation sessions is the best thing you could do! By using an anal toy, you are creating a secondary point of pleasure, which can help you reach a more intense orgasm.
    By using an anal toy, you will be able to better angle your dildo/vibrator to help you reach your g-spot, it will also make you feel fuller – creating a more intense.
    By using a Lubricant, Clitoral Stimulator, a Dildo and an Anal Toy you will make your masturbation sessions 400 times better. 

  5. Nipple Play <3
    A lot of ladies don't realize that stimulating your nipples is one of the fastest ways of getting your brain to produce oxytocin, which is in fact VITAL for orgasm!
    You can use nipple clamps – which is the most popular for nipple stimulation, or you can use nipple gloss or massage oils.
    By using a Lubricant, Clitoral Stimulator, a Dildo, an Anal Toy and Nipple Simulators you will make your masturbation sessions 500 times better.

So, there you have it ladies, 5 steps to make sure you have a 500 times better orgasm during your Masturbation Sessions.
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Wednesday, 26 June 2019
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