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Girls Guide to giving Head...

The art of “giving head” dates as far back as Egypt and Pompei. revealing countless murals and inscriptions of pornographic graffiti explicit of sexual acts including the act of fellatio.

Not much has changed. Every man wants to receive a blowjob. Truth is, he doesn’t really care if it is good or not! But giving head is a skill that only gets better.

There are gadgets out there to simulate a blow job, but, nothing beats the real thing. A lusciously wet mouth that knows what to do.
The art of giving good head is personal. Each has their own method of likes and not to likes. However, I don’t think there could be a “not to like”, in a blow-job.

Going down is exactly that, go down, start from the top and work your way down to the treasure trove. Mouth, neck and body. Nibble the bottom lip, holding his hands above his head, use force if you must. Kiss and lick, from the lip down. Nibble the inside of his thighs, and remember that the male nipple is also an erogenous zone. Using hands and mouth simultaneously. There is a method of blowing and touch used simultaneously – breath up and rubbing your hands in the opposite direction, or visa-versa. This gives an overall sensation of anticipation. Remember not to forget about yourself. This must be as stimulating for you as it is for him.

A little dirty talk works well too. Naturally he wants to know how much you love his member. This is also a good for some feedback, so to speak. Tell him how much you love going down on him, how good he tastes. Let him feel how turned on you are.

The penis is packed with nerve ends that can be irritating as well as pleasurable. So, remember, light and lots of wet. Flicking the tongue up and over the tip of the penis, fondling his testicles, lightly. Kiss and lick. Taking the penis in your mouth should be anticipation for the both of you. To give a good blow job should be mutually pleasurable. Invest on a tasty lubricant, there are dozens to choose from.

Never suck too hard or too rigidly, this can prove to become painful and he will be wishing it to be over, before it has begun. Key word? WET. Salivate, and take the entire penis in your mouth, suck gently and use your tongue, over the tip. Slowly with a little bit of pressure. Lick his testicles and rub your tongue over the perineum. This little spot will have him groaning and pushing your head down for more.
Imagine how you want it to feel when he is snugly inside you. How would you move to reach that pleasure zone? Well, that’s the rhythm you want to reach. Slowly sliding up to the tip and down again, gaining momentum.

There is a way to swallow your man’s semen that is palatably acceptable. I think the way is to really enjoy the entire experience. Lose all inhibitions, include yourself. Spin around and place your vagina over his mouth, or where he can reach with his hands or a vibrator. Once there is mutual pleasure, and the closeness to reaching orgasm is equal, ejaculation becomes mutually pleasurable.
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Saturday, 22 September 2018
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