Bigger is Better

Well it seems, size does matter to some men, we take a look at what is out there in penis pumps. From the top of the range, to the middle of the road pressure pump. We give you the lowdown.

The Bathmate Hercules penis pump has been on the market for quite some time. The original in the Bathmate range, offers universal sizing. The Bathmate range uses water pressure to give even and deliberate pressure giving bigger and fuller erection every time.The Hercules can accommodate a penis under 18 centimetres or less in girth and used in the shower or bath for at least 6 minutes three to four times a week will be sure to offer you the length and width you desire.

Bathmate has a collection of penis pumps offering a range of different sizes ranging from 12.5cms up to 22.5cms. HYDROMAX X-SERIES is the world's bestselling penis pump offering the ultimate in hydro-technology for your penis. The range of three sizes X20, X30 and X40 cover the size of every man, unless you're Hercules himself! The Hydromax series is the next stage of Hydro-pump evolution. The new bellows pump system and valve give 35% more power than the original Hercules.

The Hydromax Extreme Series comes with the exclusive range of accessories to support your hydropump use. So there will be no more having to look on line or find suppliers. Everything you need in one handy and discreet carrycase.

Malestation, an excellent brand a varied selection of penis pumps, ranging in size and price, these pumps are air and vacuum based. Nothing like a good gym workout for your penis. This offers intense pressure to the penis with a pump / vacuum method getting blood to the vessels in the penis, increasing the size of the penis immediately. The Penis Pump Traveller is practical so that you are able to take it with you on a business trip or weekend away. Simply turn it up and let it go. Each of the Malestation penis pumps offer an array of different assets, depending on price, however an excellent product if you are looking at air pump pressurised penis enlargement, then Malestation will offer excellent results and quality.

Dr Lee's Rocky Super Enlargements pump says it all, "bigger is better" as their slogan, this relatively inexpensive penis pump is the gadget you want to impress women in the bedroom. The Rocky penis pump is designed for general muscle massaging and is compact enough to take on your travels.

Penis pumps are an excellent and safe way to enlarge the penis, albeit temporarily. With regular use of the penis pump you can be assured that the length and girth of the penis will show a marked difference.

Remember to use a good lubricant with your penis pump, this will ease the experience. Choose a silicone based lube as this will not deteriorate the quality of the silicone rubber around the penis pump.

Get pumping gents!

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Gummi bears caramels donut carrot cake carrot cake chupa chups bonbon tootsie roll.

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Thursday, 13 December 2018
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