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It is a new year and a new opportunity. 365 days of endless possibilities. So each year, everyone is in a hooha creating New Year's resolutions. Trying to change bad habits to good ones. Trying to become more active and much more. So this year we have decided to delve into this "New Year's Resolutions" Trend. Our resolutions aren't scary. They won't take all of your time. These are fun things to do this year. You have 365 days to complete everything on this list. Are you in for a challenge? Here we go with Adult Shop SA's Kinky To-Do List.

Buy a sex toy (and use it!)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

So many people are afraid to experiment with sex toys. Sex toys have been seen as dirty and wrong for so long. This is a myth. Sex toys are there for your pleasure. Just like that cigarette you are smoking, the soda you are drinking or even that new BMW you are cruising in. Sex toys open new worlds, they give you something to explore and new ways to get to know your body. This year, I urge you to go to your nearest adult shop and purchase a sex toy. Even if it is just something small like a finger vibrator. Buy it and use it.

Have a quickie.

Too many people these days don't have time for sex anymore. They're too busy with work and kids and life, and sex just gets pushed aside. It is healthy for couples to have sex. To connect and be intimate. So in 2018, when the mood strikes and you are actually too busy with something else. Have a quickie. No fuss. Don't focus on achieving the big O at the end. Just enjoy the fact that you are close to your partner. Enjoy the moment.

Have a threesome. ;)

Explore the more wild side of sex. Now you can go and invite another person to the mix and have a 3-way. But that is not what I mean with this. No. The meaning of this threesome is to introduce a third point of stimulation into the picture. Don't just have normal vanilla sex, use a vibrating cock ring for G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. Use a vibrating butt plug to intensify your orgasm. Be open to different types of stimulation.

Buy handcuffs, and use them!

Experiment with some bondage play. Start off light, with a simple blindfold and some handcuffs. Tease and tickle and see what your partner likes. Use clamps for heightened sensitivity and whips for some light spanking. Progress to more intense forms of bondage like full restraint kits.

Buy sexy lingerie.

Get some sexy lingerie. Not just to wear for sex, but to wear underneath your clothes. Get rid of those granny panties and slip in to something sexy. Something that will make you feel like the stunning woman you are. Wearing beautiful undergarments automatically makes you feel better about yourself and this will impact how you act. Your entire persona will change. This will not only make you feel confident in 2018 but it will also be a huge turn on for your partner.

Experiment with role-play

Experiment with some role-play. Nothing too scary at first. Just make an effort when planning sex. Don't just fall in to the normal routine of undressing and going at it. Dress up, fake it. Have some fun with it.

Watch porn with your partner

This can be scary for some couples as porn has been known to be a filthy habit adopted by sleazy men who mistreat their partner.. This is not the case. A little bit of porn before sex will just set the mood. Get both partners ready to explore. It might even introduce new moves to try out. Just put on a film and watch with your partner, the rest will happen on its own.

Have tantric sex

Tantric sex is a new way of connecting. This form of sex does not aim to reach the Big O at the end. The idea is to reconnect with your partner, to embrace the foreplay. Touching and kissing before entering in to the physical act.

Have a sex marathon

For an entire day. Have sex with your partner. Take small breaks in between, but the idea is to stay naked and keep playing throughout the day. Try different moves and touches. Use toys and food to keep things interesting. See how long you can enjoy the sex marathon!

Allow the female to dominate for one night

Guys, get out behind the steering wheel and let the lady drive for one night. Let the female be the dominant for a night. Take control and make him beg his master to have the tension within him unleashed.

This To-Do List for 2018 is the platform which we urge you to use throughout this year. Experiment with more sex. It should be fun and romantic. Sexy and dirty. Safe and Secure. Enjoy every moment of the New Year. 

Seks Mites
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Guest - MARY on Thursday, 04 January 2018 15:55

Awesome blog - thanks for the tips! i will be sure to add some of these to my 2018 resolutions list and am determined to achieve them haha

Awesome blog - thanks for the tips! i will be sure to add some of these to my 2018 resolutions list and am determined to achieve them haha:D
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Thursday, 24 January 2019
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