Hottie of the week - Game of Thrones Inspired

THE GREAT KAHL! Kahl Drogo is at the top of our list this week. Not only because of his obvious good looks, but because he bangs like a mother. Yeah yeah, we know Kahl is a fictional character and all that, but who cares. Most perfect men are. This good-looking savage stole our hearts and became the subject of most of our wildest, wettest fantasies. And most women like a broken boy. Someone who is big and mean, but when it comes to them they...
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National Girlfriends Day 2017!


  National girlfriends day is celebrated annually on August first. Although every day of the year should be dedicated to spoiling your significant other, today is the day you get to spoil your girl!  Here are a few tip to make today extra special for you and your boo! 1. Remember that's it's National Girlfriends Day! 2. Breakfast in bed. 3. Do something special, out of the blue. 4. Buy her a gift. 5. Let her know you are thinking of her...
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Myth or Fact: Can eating pineapple make me taste better to my partner?

Myth or Fact: Can eating pineapple make me taste better to my partner?
Ladies, I know I can't be the only one... I have, more than I would like to openly admit, failed to reach an orgasm during oral sex because of one simple problem. The smell.  I constantly wonder what it smells like to my partner. What is tastes like. How it's making him feel instead of concentrating on the actual point of the exercise. To eliminate this problem I went in to research mode, like most sexually oriented women tend to do. The fir...
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Bi-curious or Bi-sexual?

Bi-curious or Bi-sexual?
​ Woman, well most woman, are beautiful feminine creatures. So it's not surprising that most straight woman often feel more than just a friendly attraction for other woman . Now girls before you get defensive, this was proven by Elizabeth Morgan, a professor in psychology at an Idaho-based varsity whose studies focus mainly on same sex attraction. The 'confusion' isn't too hard to believe seeing as the friendships between woman are often barely d...
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Age Old Lyrics

Have you ever heard that the old type 'Rock 'n Roll bands and groupies were all either completely trashed or high on drugs?I think the same applies to the way some people view adult toys..I believe that some people would also raise an eyebrow if they saw you walking into a sex shop or browsing through a website... Well I personally beg to differ! I...
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Midnight snack...

When awaking up in the middle of the night for my nightly sip of water I found myself looking over to the other side of my bed to where my partner is lying fast asleep...normally I would just roll over and go back to sleep but something stirred inside me wondering if I should or even could need more...I could wake up my husband and get him to join ...
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Sex at Forty

Sex at 40!   Finally, in just a few short months I will be forty.  Here is the deal though … The sex that I am having now the best sex I have ever had.  Could this be attributed to my age, or could it be due to the love I have for my sex partner?  ·          I personally feel that because ...
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Naughty Boss

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