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National Girlfriends Day 2017!


  National girlfriends day is celebrated annually on August first. Although every day of the year should be dedicated to spoiling your significant other, today is the day you get to spoil your girl! 

Here are a few tip to make today extra special for you and your boo!

1. Remember that's it's National Girlfriends Day!

2. Breakfast in bed.

3. Do something special, out of the blue.

4. Buy her a gift.

5. Let her know you are thinking of her.

 It is as easy as that. You'll have your girlfriend around your finger!

 1.Remember that it's National Girlfriends Day! The first and probably the most important thing you can do, is to actually remember it! Odds are your girlfriend does not even know it's National girlfriends day, so just by saying "Happy Girlfriends day, I love you" you will be well on your way to a very happy ending.

2.Breakfast in bed. Enough said.

3.Do something special. Organize a picnic, go to a restaurant or simply pull out the blanket and some popcorn and get settled in for a night of Netflix. A few other activities to consider include: building a blanket fort before she gets in and then spending the night in your personalized fort, take her dancing and partying, give her a fully body massage, here are even a few massage oils to consider.

4.Buy her a gift. Something simple like flowers or chocolates. If you are on the daring side, drop a hint and buy some lingerie.

5.Let her know throughout the day that you are thinking about her. A small gesture can go a long way. 

If you do not currently have a sweetheart to celebrate on this special day, here are a few tips that you can implement and maybe you'll have better luck next year:

 1.Girls love guys who are able to make them laugh. Guys with a sense of humour, but not overly childish or absurd.

2.Don't brag about yourself. If you are really as cool as you think she'll notice and brag about you herself.

3.Girl's love food. It's a common fact that everyone has to eat. If you are the source of the food on her plate, she'll be like putty in your hands.

4.Don't whistle at her. Keep it classy.

5.Don't spoil her too much. If you are not one to post on a girl's Facebook, don't do it for her, because she'll start expecting it. Then one day you decide to change your behaviour and she'll think something is wrong. Just be you.

6.Keep your sex life interesting. If things start to go South in the bedroom they'll start to go South outside of it as well.

7.Girls love effort. Give her time and attention and you'll have nothing to worry about.

8.Brag about her.

9.Stay interested in all the uninteresting things in her life.

10. If she is on her period, well then ignore all of the above. You'll just have to improvise.

 And if all else fails and you are still single next year on August 1st, we have just the solution for you. Don't miss out on your happy ending.

So very happy Girlfriends day to all the lovely girls! We hope you get spoilt rotten!

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Monday, 23 July 2018
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