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Mr. Limpy - Review


What exactly is packing?

Packing refers to using a Mr. Limpy or any other method to create a male-looking bulge in your pants. 

How to use a Mr. Limpy:

Transgender men and lesbians tend to use this to create a male feeling. There are even packers that enable you to stand and pee. Other people simply use Mr. limpy as a bachelor's prop or to mock someone by leaving the penis like toy on the table.

Mr. Limpy is made of a very soft material and was created to stay limp (hence the name) thus it cannot be used to penetrate. It is simply worn to create the feel of a penis in a pants. It works best when you wear a packing underpants which keeps the penis in the right place throughout your day. Preventing unnecessary fiddling and touching.  

Our rating? 

 7/10 - First Impression: Although you probably know what you are looking for when going out to buy a packer, this is definitely not the most attractive toy. It works well don't get me wrong, but shoving a limp penis in your partners face definitely isn't the best way to start off your night.

10/10 - Lifelike feel: Mr. Limpy is made of Superskin material which makes this bulge feel extremely lifelike. Mr. Limpy definitely deserves a high rating when it comes to realistic feel!

10/10Product features: Mr. Limpy has all the aspects that you can ask for. It's soft, it's safe to use, it's very easy to clean and it's reusable. The only thing this packer cannot do is penetrate, and if you want something that can, buy a strap on dildo to go along with your packer and you can do a quick switcharoo when the mood strikes.

10/10Value: Mr. Limpy comes at a low price of R245,00. Which is nothing if you consider you are ultimately buying yourself a brand new penis.

 Total rating for Mr. Limpy: 9.25/10.

Mr. Limpy scores a whooping PHENOMENAL rating. 

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Monday, 23 July 2018
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