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Your Guide to Anal Sex

So, the fact that you opened this blog and started reading, means you've kind of made up your mind to try Anal Sex , you are just looking for obvious reasons why you shouldn't. Well. There aren't really any reasons NOT to try anal sex, unless you really do not want to. Then don't even try. Don't do it just to please your partner. Your happiness matters as well. But if you don't mind trying it out, then this guide is for you. Everything you need t...
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How do Kegel Balls work?

Before we get to Kegel balls , you need to know why you are going to use them. Now Kegel Balls are mainly used by women to strengthen their pelvic muscle. Now if you don't know where your pelvic muscle is located think of it this way. Have you ever had to go to the bathroom really badly, and didn't have any place to go? That muscle you clench to ensure you don't pee your pants, that my friend is your pelvic muscle. If you still aren't sure, try g...
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Wat sê jou onderklere van jou?

Onderklere is 'n vrou se geheim, dit is 'n deel van haar persoonlikheid wat slegs sy en haar liefie ken. Dis 'n deel van 'n vrou wat aan haar alleen behoort. So wat sê jou undies regtig van jou?  Ouma Panties (ook bekend as granny panties) Daar is 'n paar goed wat granny panties redelik fantasties maak: ​ As jy granny panties dra beteken dit jy gee om oor jou gemak. ​ Dit wys jy gee nie om wie jou sonder 'n broek sien nie, solank jy gem...
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Myth or Fact: Can eating pineapple make me taste better to my partner?

Ladies, I know I can't be the only one... I have, more than I would like to openly admit, failed to reach an orgasm during oral sex because of one simple problem. The smell.  I constantly wonder what it smells like to my partner. What is tastes like. How it's making him feel instead of concentrating on the actual point of the exercise. To eliminate this problem I went in to research mode, like most sexually oriented women tend to do. The fir...
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Did you know...

Here are some random facts for you that I bet you never knew... The Clitoris contains 8000 nerve endings - The Penis only contains 4000 The Average Vagina is approximately 3 - 4 inches and expands over 200% when Aroused. The Shark (which you find in the sea not the bedroom) contains the same natural lubricant as a vagina called Squalene. Pubic hair...
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Men Shouldn't Feel Threatened

Men Shouldn’t Feel Threatened   In today’s world, we as men have been subliminally taught to believe that the use of sex toys by our women is a sign that we are inferior compared to the toy she is using and that the toy in fact gives her more pleasure than we can. This indeed is a myth that should be terminated as of now. Women, like us men, a...
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Lube gone wrong

A boy comes down the stairs to have breakfast with his grandmother. "Has my parents come down stairs yet?" He asks. "No." She replies. The boy giggles and runs outside to play. Lunchtime he comes back inside. "Has my parents been downstairs yet grandma?" he asks. "No" she replies frowning. He giggles and runs outside to play. He later comes in for ...
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Eager Beaver

I was sitting on my own in a restaurant, when I saw a beautiful woman at another table. I sent her a bottle of the most expensive wine on the menu. She sent me a note: "I will not touch a drop of this wine unless you can assure me that you have seven inches in your pants." So I wrote back: "Give me the wine. As gorgeous as you are, I'm not cutting ...
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