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Looking for Adult Sex Toys? Browse through our blogs and find out so much more about all the sex toys you have always wanted.

Restrained Fantasies!?

Believe it or not, being restrained during sex it still one of the biggest fetishes out there. WHY? Its all about control or the lack there off, see its said that if you are very controlling in your day to day activities, you would gladly give it up in the bedroom and let someone else have it all... THAT IS COMPLETELY TRUE!!! Being restrained, man ...
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Fifty Shades Darker Official Pleasure Collection

​With the release of the long awaited movie came a whole new Pleasure Collection of Adult Toys for the Super Grey fans that want to Play like Grey or just get lost in a moment of pure passion.  Yes, the Fifty Shades Darker Pleasure Collection will do just that and much more!!! Whether you are into soft,   light bondage or h...
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How to: Put on a cock ring?

​So after a few enquiries about how to correctly put on a cock ring.... Here it is!!! The size of your cock ring is more or less the size of your testicles. Your cock ring should be big enough for one testicle to fit through but don't be careful that its not to big or wide as it can come off when your not fully erected. Start by putting the bigger ...
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How to: eat your girl out like a pro.

​ Yes boys, we all know how much you love receiving oral. It's dynamic and hands down one of the most enjoyable & relaxing experiences you can have. But, as unfortunate as it is, that isn't always the case for us ladies. It takes us a lot longer to get revved up and comfortable and when you add laziness on the guy's side and the pressure to cum...
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Mystim Electrosex Slim Dildo Review:

​ The Mystim Electrosex Slim Dildo is one of the most sought after electrical stimulation sex toys on the market. Thanks to its compact, smooth & straight design it is easily inserted and can be used for both vaginal and anal play. This toy is perfect for electro stimulation beginners as it is not too intense and extremely user friendly. One of...
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Pros and Cons of Sex with Strangers

​In today's day and age, we have adapted a somewhat "hookup culture" (a way of life that is based on physical satisfaction/pleasure, without emotional bonding or commitment). Perhaps you're already great at - or a veteran in – meeting random men/woman in a bar and taking them home for a one-night-sex-filled-stand, or you're new to the whole shebang...
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7 Inch G-Spot Vibrator Review

​ The 7 Inch G-Spot Vibrator is one of the best internal vibrators on the market! What I really love about this amazing sex toy is that features a remote control with a wire so that either you or your partner can control the speeds, enabling couple's play , which we all know is sexy beyond measure. Its suction cup allows for a steady grip on surfac...
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How To: Have Sex in Your Car - like a Pro.

​ Before getting frisky in probably one of the most easily executed, sexy ways to have adventurous sex, remember that safe sex includes not crashing into other cars or getting charged with public indecency. So here's a few rules to remember when it comes to sex in your car – 1.Park the car and turn it off – I shouldn't need to tell you this… but if...
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