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Madonna is a force to be reckoned with – Her book SEX got a few knickers in a knot. But that’s another story. Her fearless capacity to touch on all things unknown is quite sublime and so perfectly rebellious. I love how she describes her pussy, the taste and the scent. The textures and it’s in awe beauty. We could all take a leaf out of her book, s...
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How do Kegel Balls work?

Before we get to Kegel balls , you need to know why you are going to use them. Now Kegel Balls are mainly used by women to strengthen their pelvic muscle. Now if you don't know where your pelvic muscle is located think of it this way. Have you ever had to go to the bathroom really badly, and didn't have any place to go? That muscle you clench to ensure you don't pee your pants, that my friend is your pelvic muscle. If you still aren't sure, try g...
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Male Enhancers

  Are you in the mood to enhance your bedroom experience? Do you want to last longer and do more? Have you ever felt like you lack a little something? A little stamina? Do you feel like you are lacking in some areas? We here at Adult Shop SA have decided to give you a list of our favourite sexual enhancers to make you the cowboy that all the girls want to take for a ride.    WARRIOR Tablets These herbal babies will boost your sexua...
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What Exactly are Share Dildos?

  A share dildo is exactly what the name says it is. It is a dildo you and your partner can simultaneously use and both receive immense gratification. It's a great way to ensure absolute delight for both partners. Because every move you make to please your partner, you feel within yourself, increasing your own pleasure. The share dildo possibly isn't the most attractive item you'll be loading into your basket and might not be the easiest pro...
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Your guide to Penis Pumps

"Only a man with a small penis will say penis size doesn't matter." Guess again boys. Size matters, and it matters a lot. Whether it's length or thickness, you need to have either one or both of these. If your girl can't feel you inside her, what's the point? Yeah yeah, love is blind and all that, but love is not stupid. If you expect your girl to stick by you, and ONLY you, you'll have to give her something to come back to. Something to crave an...
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Mr. Limpy - Review

What exactly is packing? Packing refers to using a Mr. Limpy or any other method to create a male-looking bulge in your pants.  How to use a Mr. Limpy: Transgender men and lesbians tend to use this to create a male feeling. There are even packers that enable you to stand and pee. Other people simply use Mr. limpy as a bachelor's prop or to mock someone by leaving the penis like toy on the table. Mr. Limpy is made of a very soft material...
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Fifty Days of Play - Review

Struck a low in your relationship?   Don't think your relationship is over simply because you lack a certain something in the bedroom. Every relationship falls in to routine. The fifty shades of play board game was designed to bring back the excitement to any relationship. What can you expect when purchasing this adult board game ? Inside is a total of 50 alluring invitations. The various colours (white, cream, silver, dark grey and black) d...
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Pocket Size Male Masturbator - Bethanie Review

Thanks to this little device, you will never have to spend another night alone. With her soft material and lifelike feel, Bethanie is the best companion for those intimate moments. A great feature of this male masturbator is that it fits right in the palm of your hand and is very user friendly as you do not have struggle to grip your toy, so this enables you to relax and enjoy the feeling. This sex toy is also small and easy to hide away if neces...
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