G-Pop Unisex Vibrator - An in Depth Product Review

​ This is a toy that can do it all! A jack of all trades. It's an all-rounder! It is a man of all parts! If you don't know what you need well then this is it. A great toy for couples play or for solo adventures under your sheets! This waterproof vibrator is great for P-spot stimulation (prostate) in men. It is perfectly shaped to hit the spot and not only does P-Spot stimulation feel amazing, it can also help men stay hard for longer during sexua...
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Your Guide to Anal Sex

So, the fact that you opened this blog and started reading, means you've kind of made up your mind to try Anal Sex , you are just looking for obvious reasons why you shouldn't. Well. There aren't really any reasons NOT to try anal sex, unless you really do not want to. Then don't even try. Don't do it just to please your partner. Your happiness matters as well. But if you don't mind trying it out, then this guide is for you. Everything you need t...
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Is Anal Sex for You?

I have to clarify that anal sex is NOT just for "sluts". In fact anal sex has been voted the most taboo sexual behavior that heterosexual couples want to try. But that in itself proves that a lot of us actually want to try it, and we can't all be sluts! Now a lot of woman think/feel that if they go through with the urge to be a little "dirtier" than usual, their men will lose respect for them. And while I'm sure this is true on occasion but with ...
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Most Popular Anal Toys

Anal Play is now hugely popular with most couples, because anal play can add a variety to your sexual collection, not to mention amazing pleasure and enhanced orgasms. Introducing Anal Toys is a great way to experiment with many sensations of anal stimulation. Selecting an anal toy can be a daunting task, but don't worry Adult Shop SA knows all the right steps to take when choosing which anal toy is best for you. Here are some guidelines for when...
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My Anal Bead Experience

The idea of anal beads would either scare or thrill a person. I know for myself, the first time I heard of anal sex toys I felt afraid. I wondered why anyone would be interested in them. I was definitely not keen to experiment with them and if my partner at the time suggested it, I shot the idea down very quickly and that was the end of that conver...
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Intro to Anal Sex and Anal Sex Toys

Butt Plugs
Our sexperts at Adult Shop SA encourage fun in any shape, size or form. We are always experimenting with new adult sex toys and kinky positions to discover the best ways to keep everyone ultimately satisfied! Recently there has been a lot of interest and queries cuming our way regarding anal sex and anal toys . So to satisfy your curiosity we put t...
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